Rocky Mountain Resorts

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ExpressionEngine CMS / Front End Development / Custom jQuery Functionality

Add-ons Used

  • Structure
  • Matrix
  • Matrix Multi-Upload
  • Wygwam
  • Low Variables
  • Low Reorder
  • Safecracker
  • Freeform


Rocky Mountain Resorts was my most challenging ExpressionEngine build to date. The challenge here was to take their previous large website and enhance the already feature rich aspects of it, but also eliminating how many clicks it took visitors to get to a particular room. Previously, there were at least five clicks to get to a room detail page. Now with some custom jQuery functionality on the listing pages, visitors can see the rooms available under each category, then click to see the desired room. This simplifies the entire process and helps previously frustrated guests in picking a new room.

Final Results

I was able to simplify the entire process for this client, enhance some other aspects of the site an allow them to maintain every aspect of their website as they continue to grow.

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